I’m so torn between what couple to root for in Season 4. I have always been a Damon/Elena lover but after going back and watching Seasons 1 & 2 (a few times), it reminded me of how amazing Stefan and Elena’s love is. I’m going to need to think this one through so, here we go.

Stelena: Stefan and Elena’s love runs so deep. Stefan freaking saved her from the drowning car when her parents died. I mean, he should have done it when she was drowning in the car with Matt too but whatevs. I mean when people say they have history they usually don’t mean ‘he pulled me from a submerged car and became intrigued by me because I’m his exes doppelganger’. I mean that is extraordinary for sure. Elena stuck by his side when he transformed back into the Ripper. That’s some serious dedication right there. If my boyfriend was trying to kill me and ripping people apart I’d probably just say, “let’s take a break until you can get your life together.” #deuces Seriously though, their love is true and epic. I can’t see Stefan being with anyone else but Elena. They have been through a lot and Stefan’s love for her is pure.

Delena: The idea of some Damon/Elena loving in Season 4 is so exciting! They are passionate and the evolution of their relationship has been fun to watch. It’s a consuming love. 😉 After their kiss in Season 3 *sings never let me go, never let me go*, I could not stop freaking out about a possible long term relationship between the two. That scene was hot. After revisiting Seasons 1 and 2 I’m just not sure anymore. Damon freaking killed Jeremy. That is borderline unforgivable. Watching him shamelessly kill all those people in Season 1 reminded me of how horrible he actually was. I’d almost forgotten because he’s so charming now. Elena makes Damon a better person. What I’m worried about is that Elena will choose Damon at some point and Damon will have to make a hard decision to end the relationship in order to keep her safe. He seems to always be making the tough decisions that keep her safe doesn’t he? #ManUpStefan

So, you see my dilemma here right? This love triangle is one hot mess and I can’t decide who I think truly belong together. Julie & Kev, why do you do this to me?!

I asked some of our lovely Twitter followers whether they were rooting for Stelena or Delena in Season 4 and here were some of the awesome responses:

@rharsin: I ship Stelena because to me it’s a pure, true love. They have been through so much & still love each other. I love them together.

@shiver4Klaus: Stelena. It’s just love, the kind of that will never die, they love each other no matter what happens 🙂 S3 is proof of that

@Peanutty212: Delena! They have passion. And he will do anything to keep her alive even if it makes her hate him. And they change each other.

@cmarleighc: I’m rooting for Delena in #TVDS4 because they make each other stronger & their love has been developing thru the seasons.

@jeszyISF: Team Delena because they depend on each other and she brings out damons caring side 🙂 they are meant to be 🙂

@EternalxStelena: Definitely Stelena. They’ve been through so much and Stefan respects her choices and decisions; he treats Elena as his equal.

@babyblues7985: Delena 🙂 in my mind it has ALWAYS been Damon & Elena! Yes, Stelena’s love is true & pure but Delena’s love is EPIC!

Option #3 – Team Defan: Take it from @HalfBloodMyth: “I’m pulling for neither… I want some brotherly love for a while.” Can I get an Amen? I don’t think the love triangle is going anywhere for now though.

Leave your comments about who you are rooting for in Season 4. Delena, Stelena or Defan. Ow ow!!

Until next time…


Team TSD


  1. yara

    hey everyone, I’m so DELENA fan! Despite the goods and bads about the two brothers personalities, i dont think stefan is good for her. The good thing about life is to evolve, to grow. Learn. And she got that all with Damon. He was always there for her. Accepting her. In any moment tried to change her. For those who said that the pure and everlasting love is only with stefan, please! Every time stefan had a problem he ran off. He pulled her off. Because he could.nt trust himself. I see so many people talking about Damon killing Jeremy…Plz wat stefan did to his Own father?! So both of them have faults. At least Damon dont hide or lie about them. We all love “the fluffy and sweet” love story…but at the end of the day we want to stay with the one who challenge us! Make us questioning life. Enjoy life and what we are. Our evolutions. The guy who knows us and like us in our good day and worst day. One more thing, both Damon and stefan are selfish. But Damon dont hide behind the “good guy” type. With him elena faces reality just it is.


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