OH MY WORD!!!!! Shit just got real crazy on TVD tonight. There are so many things that need to be addressed but tonight was a game changer!

1. Klaus + Caroline = Team Klaroline. – I’m all for it.

2. Salt Lines – Don’t you think some human would say, “Why is there a freakishly long and thick line of salt outside of our high school dance?” People would be walking through it and I would think that would break/weaken the curse, but what do I know.

3. Team Stelena – Ok, I am Team Delena but really, Stefan was awesome in this episode. For real though Elena? Give them a break. Their poor vampire hearts just cannot take much more of this and neither can I.

4. Why did no adult stop Klaus from coming into the dance? I don’t think he technically attends that school and last time I was in high school they regulated that shit hard. Maybe he jeddi mind-tricked someone into letting him in. I’d like to know the back story on that one.

5. ALARIC – NO! I cried like a baby about this. The single tear rolling down the cheek as he slips away into sedation due to a pill given to him by the woman he almost murdered as he sits next to the friend that murdered him twice that he is soon going to try to murder. It’s all just too much and I just lost it. Damn you TVD for toying with my emotions like this.

6. Bonnie – I am SO not happy with you right now girlfriend. How could you or are you possessed? I am so lost. And why did you not change into pajamas before you went to bed? Just wondering.

7. Where is Elijah? I want him back.

Whatever is about to happen next I am so nervous. I don’t want any more characters to die. I love them all. 😦 One thing is for sure, there is a new villain in town and his name is Alaric Saltzman. Crap. #fangsout


Team TSD

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