Alright so I was totally aboard the “stake Tara” train. Not only was she getting whiny, but her attitude was annoying and I didn’t see a story line for her anywhere. THEN, she throws herself in front of a bullet for Sookie, and I’m thinking that the writers are sending her off with a truly selfless act. JUST KIDDING! Don’t burn your “Team Tara” t-shirts just yet; they keep her on this season as a vamp. I am seeing this develop one of two ways. Observe:

1. Tara is her usual self, and her poor attitude and lackluster optimism gets her staked/burned/decapitated, whatever. Pam is happy she doesn’t have to babysit and Fantangsia names a drink after her. (Pam keeps it classy.) They call it a “Taratini” with two parts tequila and three parts True Blood B+.

2. Pam’s character evolves to really love Tara, and be proud to be her Maker. Tara turns into a badass vamp and Pam lets her go clothes shopping.

I’m going with number two. While I truly do not care for Tara’s storyline, I like where it could lead in terms of Pam. I like Pam being in control, and I LOVED seeing her back story this season. One of my favorite parts about this show is that the writer’s do not half ass their characters. They care about them enough to do them justice. This would explain why they kept Tara on the show. The audience, as whole, was really growing to not like Tara and wanted her killed off. Now she’s a Supe and FINALLY has a good wardrobe and a decent storyline. I am intrigued to see what they do with it. However, I do NOT like how she sucked on Hoyt in the bathroom stall. WTF? The only good thing about Tara’s character when she was a human was that she was at least a good friend and would do anything for Sookie (like, take a bullet for her). Come on, girl. Don’t make me hate you again. Not even another diamond encrusted corset and leather pants will make me forgive your for that (but I would give you props for the leather).

What do you think? Should Tara go Beyoncé’ and become Sasha Fierce on us? Should she be given the True Death? Leave your thoughts below, hookahs. #fangsout


Team TSD

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