Kanima: Who the fucque came up with the word Kanima? I want to hug you. Kanima is such a fun word to say. I put it in front of everything. “I’m making some Kanima beans.” “Toss me the Kanima remote.” “Can’t a Kanima get some peace and quiet around here?” Regardless of how fun the word is to say, Kanima Jackson is the freaking bomb. First of all, human Jackson is hot as lacrosse balls. The Kanima is a totally original supe and he’s a badass. I wish I could paralyze people with my toenail juice. My boss: “I’m going to need you to get that to me by…” *toe nail swipe to the neck* Me: “I’m sorry what was that? Yah, that’s what I thought.” *continues blogging* #TeamKanima

Action Packed: Holy action-packed goodness. Packed. Get it? Were ‘pack’? No? Ok. So, the show moves at a perfect pace. At no point was I thinking, “Hey, I want to see some more ass kicking and street fights.” Nope. I’m golden. Let’s just think about the first 10 minutes of 1×01. Stiles scares Scott at his house. They go on a dead body hunt (totally normal right?). Scott drops his inhaler, gets trampled by deer, attacked by a were, falls on the dead body and then almost gets hit by a car. Boom! Werewolf! I don’t even know what more you could want. Talk about getting right to the point. It’s fucqueing awesome.

Stiles: Stiles may or may not be my favorite thing about Teen Wolf. Oh wait… he is. He’s just so funny! Want to be BFFs Dylan? Yes? Ok, I’ll be over in a couple minutes. When I watched 1×01, I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about Stiles. That character could have turned out way obnoxious, but instead Stiles is the shit and everyone loves him. His lines are the best. I use ‘Don’t be such a sour wolf” all the time. People look at me like I’m a freaking idiot but that’s alright because I know what I’m talking about. Stiles & Daddy Stilinski are the cutest father/son team of sleuths I’ve ever seen. I wish I had bonding time with my dad over dead bodies and local murder mystery cases. So jealous.

Hot Cast: I don’t know if you’ve seen the cast of Teen Wolf, but if not, Google them. #yourewelcome. Every single person on that show is ridiculously good looking. Scott and crew, their whole lacrosse team, the parents (Daddy Argent & Daddy Stilinksi), Derek, Paralyzed Peter and pretty much anyone else who’s face happens to pop in front of the camera. If someone had let me know how insanely dashing everyone was, I wouldn’t have waited so long to start watching the show.

Girl Power: Ever watch Twilight and have the sudden urge to slap Bella and tell her to stop being such a little bitch? Yah, me too. I have never once wanted to slap Lydia or Allison. They don’t need saving. They can handle their own shit. Lydia walked around in the woods naked for a few days after pulling Grudge hair out of the hospital drain and you want to know how she dealt with that? She got a fierce blowout, went back to school, threw a raging party and drugged her friends. Take note, Bella. Allison can rock a crossbow Katniss style and shot her own boyfriend. Her mom dies and she grabs her crossbow to go on a Kanima hunt. It’s called being a badass. Girl power!

Why do you love Teen Wolf?


Team TSD

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