Season One of Teen Wolf totally surprised me with its awesomeness.  If you read my thoughts on Season One already, you know I wasn’t expecting the show to be this good. Season Two definitely kicked Season One in the supernatural ass. It was amazing!!! Let me break down some of my favorite things about Season Two.

Stiles: I talked about my love for Stiles in my Season One thoughts also. I have completely fallen in love with his character. The scene with his dad after Granddaddy Argent kicked his ass was so sweet. I was all teary eyed. He gets the best lines, too! Let’s take a look back at some of my favorite Stiles quotes from Season 2.

“Because I looked into the eyes of the thing ok, and what I saw pure evil. And when I look in Lydia’s eyes, I only see 50% evil. Alright, maybe 60%. No more than 40% on a good day.”

“I’m 147 pounds of pale skin and fragile bones, ok. Sarcasm is my only defense.”

“What are you 90? I could probably kick your ass up and down this room…” *Bam*

Kanima Jackson: I was totally confused about who the Kanima was, and I thought it was Lydia at first because of her immunity to the Kanima juice. Tricky, tricky. I’m a little upset my lovely Jackson had to turn into that hideous, murderous creature. EW! He did some weird shit as the Kanima, too. I mean, I could go another 1,000 years without seeing a f*cking serpent come out of Jackson’s eye. #NastyShit #ShitIWishIDidntSee. Shit gets REAL crazy when Jackson plays in the Lacrosse game. They win but the celebration is short-lived because all the lights go off and Jackson kills himself. What?! Mama McCall sees him in his body bag in the morgue at the hospital and calls Scott over. Together, they unzip the body bag and check out his creepy, reptilian, gelatin body. Da fucque! He’s not dead! Zip that bag back up. Kanima Jackson then gets a new daddy in the form of Granddaddy Argent. Ugh! Hurry up and be normal, hot human Jackson please. I am curious to know what Jackson is going to be like now that he’s actually a werewolf. Hopefully, it’s everything he’s been dreaming of, but I have a feeling it’s not. He’ll have to deal with the pack of Alphas that are about to raise some hell. Also, go TEAM JYDIA/JACKSIA/LYDSON (whatever). I love them together. Sorry Stiles.

Mama Argent’s Death: I was so surprised by the Mama Argent death scene. How can someone seriously help their wife kill themselves even if they hated what they were about to become? That is just crazy to me. I mean, I did not like her because she was an evil bitch but, she’s still Allison’s mother. Stinkin’ Allison. How does she just assume that Derek was being a dick and not even try to get all the sides of the story. Way to jump to conclusions and turn into a freaking psycho! You straight turned on your boyfriend. Get your life together, Katniss.

Mama McCall Knows Now: Mama McCall is now exposed to the supernatural world. She gets thrown in a jail cell at the station where she witnesses Scott’s dark secret for the first time. She backs away from him when she sees his were-face. Scott looks offended and hurt. Really? Have you seen your were-face? Then, poor Mama McCall gets to watch a Kanima/Werewolf fight. Yup, I’d shit my pants. Poor lady. Scott should seriously be happy that she took his little supe secret so well. I can tell you that if I saw my son turn into a f*cking werewolf and then witnessed a Kanima fight I would have… well, let’s just say I wouldn’t have taken it as well as she did. #MotherOfTheYearAward.

Granddaddy Argent: This guy totally pissed me off. He waltzes into town like he owns the place and just starts putting crazy thoughts into Allison’s head. You know right away he has ulterior motives. After he drowns Matt, he takes control of the Kanima. That slippery little snake! That was his plan all along. Remember when he told Daddy Argent the best way to get what you want is to have someone else do the dirty work? #plottwist. He reveals he’s dying of cancer, grabs Allison and then says he’ll do whatever it takes to live longer. He wants to be a Were! Granddaddy Argent, you are cray cray. Some other crazy shit ensues and then he’s puking up/spewing black blood (or something) and dies. Then, his body disappears. I don’t even know what the hell happened there but it looks like we’re not done with him just yet.

As much as I love the show there were still some things this season that made me scratch my head. Let’s discuss them, shall we?

1.       Scott dunks Stiles’ head in the water at Lydia’s party to sober him up. Surprise! It works and he’s instantly sober. Are you f*cking kidding me? If it were that easy to sober up, I wouldn’t have wasted so much money on cab fare over the past few years. It ain’t that easy, kids. Don’t let them fool you.

2.       So, apparently the Kanima is scared of water. I know that Matt was scared of water BUT the Kanima is a reptile for crying out loud. All reptiles have webbed feet that are specifically made for swimming. Am I the only one that took zoology in high school? Great class by the way. Anyway, I just wish the Kanima would have grown a pair, tapped into its’ natural instincts and just swam already.

3.       Remember the scene where Stiles and Derek were in the pool for hours? I doubt Stiles would have been able to hold Derek up that long, but what the hell do I know? What would have helped would have been if they had taken their clothes off. EW! Don’t be sick people. Of course I want to see Derek naked but, do you know how heavy clothes get when they are wet? Especially jeans. Whatever. I’m over it.

4.       The gay dance club scene drove me crazy. What? No one noticed a giant lizard paralyzing shirtless men on the dance floor even through the smoke-machine-induced fog? There were like 10 dudes passed out in a line on the dance floor. F*ck it! Keep dancing!

Ok, glad I got that out. I watched the entire second season in 2 days and I’m absolutely hooked. I can’t wait for Season Three to start! It’s going to be badass. I’m hoping for more hot werewolves in this new Alpha pack too. Ow Ow! Anyway, share your own thoughts about Season Two of Teen Wolf and what you hope for in Season Three.

Until next time…                                                                                     



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