Wham Bam thank you MTV! This is the first time I have watched anything on MTV since Carson Daily hosted TRL. I’m so freaking glad I gave this show a chance. I’m hooked and starting Season Two today. I want to let my fellow Teen Wolf pack members know what I think of the show so far.

Action-Packed: Action-‘pack’ed. Get it? Wolf pack? Ok. In the first 10 minutes of episode one this is what we get: Searching for a dead body in the woods. Shit! Loses inhaler. Crap! Trampled by deer. Ouch! Sees the dead body. F*ck! Gets attacked by an animal. Look out! Almost hit by a car. Surprise! WEREWOLF! I mean, talk about getting right to the point. Don’t worry Scotty boy, you won’t be needing that inhaler any more. The whole season was action-packed and I didn’t ever feel like the story line was moving too slowly. Thanks for not boring me.

Stiles: May I just say that in the first couple episodes, I wasn’t quite sure about his character. I think by the third episode he really grew on me. He’s freaking hilarious! He’s the one bit of comedic relief in a show that could be too dark to be fun without him. Let’s just take a moment to remember some of his awesome one-liners.

“You swing for a different team but you still play ball, don’t yah Danny boy.”

“No a body of water? Yes dumb ass, a dead body.”

“Be a werewolf not a teen wolf. Be a werewolf.”

“Don’t be such a sour wolf.”

“Well I shouldn’t say I told you so, ‘cause it’s not strong enough. How about, I’m always right, and you should listen to whatever I have to say, and never disagree ever for the sake of your wolvlihood.”

Oh Stiles, how I love thee. Everyone else notices the tongue thing that he does right? Hmm… moving on.

The Hunters: I like the idea of Allison being from a family of werewolf hunters. It gives her character more dimension than just being Scott’s love interest. It’s nice that she’s not completely helpless and in constant need of saving (*ahem* Bella from Twilight #annoying). I freaking love Daddy Argent, too. You can’t hate him for being a werewolf hunter. He’s just trying to take care of his daughter while living out his family’s legacy. That’s f*cking honorable, people.

The Depth of the Characters: We haven’t even begun to ‘scratch’ the surface of these character’s stories. We have so much more to learn about Derek and his family history. He still needs to take Scott under his wing and train him how to be a badass werewolf. We don’t know all the werewolf history yet, either. What’s the deal with Lydia? Scott’s vet boss has some secrets of his own. There is obviously a lot more to be told with the background of the Argent family. Stiles’ dad seems to be close to discovering what the hell is going on in his town. I just need to know more!!

Smoking Hot Cast: I mean… seriously! If someone had informed me of Colton Haynes and the rest of the cast’s sexiness, I would have started watching a long time ago. The whole cast is incredibly good looking which made watching a couple crappy scenes much easier. Which brings me to…

The Parts That Made Me Scratch My Head: There were 2 scenes in Season One that really pissed me off and I just have to bring them up to see if you guys agree with me.

1.       The first one was the episode where the crew was being hunted by the Alpha in the school. There are a couple of things here that I don’t get. They were all getting chased through the halls by the Alpha and they STILL believed it was Derek. You know damn well one of them would have caught a glimpse of the Alpha and said, “Hey, why is that huge wolf-like, red-eyed f*cking beast chasing us?” The other thing was that Scott could have wolfed out and busted open the door in that classroom they were trapped in instead of leaving them there to go find keys from a dead janitor. Da fucque, Scott? I guess we are supposed to think it’s because he didn’t want to reveal himself in front of the crew. This is a life or death situation, Scott! I’m pretty sure them knowing you’re a werewolf is better than all of you dying because your Alpha-maker is trying to recruit you into his pack and murder your friends. Whatevs.

2.       The second scene that pissed me off was when Stiles poured his dad some Jack and his dad drinks the whole glass and became instantly drunk. Yeah right! I’m pretty sure if Stiles’ dad keeps bottles of Jack around the house he’s been around the block a time or two. Pretty sure a 40-some-year old man noticed that he drank a whole glass of Jack instead of just a shot. Plus, there’s no way he got instantly hammered. I wish it were that easy because then, I wouldn’t have to spend the first 45 minutes at the club slamming drinks until I magically become a  social person who enjoys being at clubs.

On that note, I’m heading off to watch Season 2. Can’t wait to finish it and let you guys know what I thought. Until next time…


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