Ok guys, I know this is really late, but as you know TeamTSD just got caught up on Supernatural. You should be impressed because I literally watched seven seasons in a month. Actually, I don’t know if that’s sad or impressive? Regardless, let’s get down to the dirty deets:

Holy White Snake! I have never been so excited to see flannels, torn Abercrombie jeans and listen to classic rock. The boys are BACK! Literally, Dean just got back from Purgatory. Meanwhile, Sam was…hanging with his dog? Da fucque?! Let’s break down this episode.

SPN is getting back to its roots. Series creator promised that this season would get back to the original storytelling of Supernatural. Being that I watched seasons 1-3 like two weeks ago, I can already see the parallels. The first seasons of SPN told a new story every episode, with a season-long main story always in the background. I like it better this way, because it provides more adventure and variety to the series. I also like how dark this episode was. The Winchester brothers deal with some pretty scary shit, and it is a horror series, so some blood and guts is expected. They also referenced season 1 (bringing up their Mom and Jessica), so you can tell the writers are literally laying the groundwork for a back-basics-season. LOVE IT.

Sam and Dean’s tension. So Dean is a little pissed that Sammy took a step back from hunting and tried to live a normal life. Can you BLAME the guy? Literally everyone in his life disappeared and/or died like all at once. I actually think it was strong of him to even try to move on. Most people would take the brooding route and kill everything in sight. As I mentioned before, I watched the first seasons like two weeks ago, so I remember how Sam was in the early days. He was just a sweet doe-eyed puppy that just wanted to kill the yellow-eyed man and live a normal life. Dean wanted that for him, too. I like how the writers steered off the “Same saves Dean, Dean saves Sam” path. It mixed things up a little bit. It also made things a bit more realistic. Sometimes, you just have to get shit done yourself. Or, in Deans case, sometimes you have to break yourself out of Purgatory. That may mean making alliances with the unexpected. Which brings me to my next point…

The weird vampire guy from Purgatory. OK, so I sort of like this guy (Benny), but he also gives me the creeps. Reasons why I like him: he got Dean out of Purgatory. Well, that’s only one reason. ANYWHO. Reasons why I don’t like him: he calls Dean like a creepster and he’s a fracking demon. Soul-less people tend to be evil with malicious intentions, and I think Dean knows that. DUH. The only reason Dean was cordial with this guy was because they needed each other to get out of Purgatory. Now, it is like Dean is walking on eggshells like this guy’s going to blow a gasket. I am not sure what evil intentions lie with this dude, but I don’t think it will be in Dean’s favor. We’ll have to wait and see where this takes us.

Kevin. Well someone’s all grown up! Staying consistent with the “everyone was on their own” theme, the premiere showed us that Kevin can take care of himself. Sammy gave a big middle finger to hunting and everyone/thing included with it, so it forced Kevin to take matters into his own hands. I’d say he did pretty well for himself, aside of the fact that his girlfriend got his neck snapped. Sorry kid, when the “King of Hell” is chasing you, shit like that is bound to happen. At least you didn’t see your girlfriend burn to a crisp on the ceiling (Sam). Kevin also had some interesting news to share with the Winchester Boys about a tablet that talks about…

Closing the Gates of Hell. BITCH SAY WHAT?!?! I’d say we have our storyline for season 8. Closing the Gates of Hell would put every demon/monster/evil piece of shit away and gone for good. Dare I say it-does that mean we are being set up for SPN’s final season?! I don’t even want to go there just yet. Regardless, this is some serious news and Sam and Dean drove off with Kevin to plan their next move.

Crowley. Dang you, evil King of Hell! I still don’t understand why he couldn’t stop them all from driving away in the infamous Impala with a *snap*, but I understand it was for cinematic purposes. ANYWAYS, we now know that Crowley is back and ready to be the big bad again in season 8. What tricks he has up his sleeve we will have to find out. My prediction, though, is that Crowley will enlist in the help of the “weird vampire guy from Purgatory” (Benny) to get to Dean and crew. He is pretty pissed off that the tablet has slipped through his hands for the SECOND time thanks to Kevin. I have to say, I am pretty impressed that Kevin tricked Crowley and crew with his “destroying demons” spell. Props to you, prophet boy!

Dealing with Demons. Internal ones, that is. What we saw in this episode was a lot of blood and guts, as well as Sam and Dean suffering internally. Sam is obviously dealing with some kind of doggie depression, and Dean is dealing with the crazy shit he had to endure in Purgatory. Don’t get me wrong, TeamTSD has three dogs and we totally get how they can TEAR. YOU. UP. However, I think Dean may be going down a darker path than Sam and his broken heart. Dean is having some pretty messed up flashbacks, and I think it’s only a matter of time before they start to eat away at what’s left of his humanity. Anyone that calls Purgatory “pure” has some demons of their own to deal with. At least he finally got a burger and fries, which brought on his first smile of the season.

Castiel. We know from (spoiler alert) that our fav angel will be back in season 8, starting with a flashback in episode 2. I don’t care what happens; just give me my Cas back!

What do you guys think? Will Supernatural get back to its roots in season 8? I am anxious to see the results, and I think the premiere kicked off with a bang. Leave your comments, hookahs!

Top Quotes from the Season 8 Premiere:

“I was knee deep in God’s armpit killing monsters.” –Dean

“You know the rules! You don’t take joint from a guy named Don and no dogs in the car!” –Dean

“It’s a burger, Dean”-Sam

“It’s a treasure.”-Dean

“Mousse! Still with the porkchops. I admire that.” -Crowley

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