Bill Compton

‘Sup with long face, Bill? Feeling guilty you sold out Eric for a creepy cult?!? It’s time for a TeamTSD “Save or Stake” poll. Bill Compton on our fav HBO series, True Blood, has been causing a shit storm. He is literally sleeping with the enemy, aka Salome (Pun count=1). Why is he so entranced with this power-hungry medieval Sanguinista? NO CLUE. Bill, you have drank FAE BLOOD FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. I cannot even begin to understand how Lilith’s meth blood compares. It gives you a really weird, creepy high and then makes you see her skinless. GROSS. Even for vamps. Didn’t you leave your swimming in blood sexual intercourse days behind you when you were released from Lorena? Let’s try not to relapse, shall we? Do I need to give you a sober token? #AA. You were turned during the civil war, which means you are like a toddler in vampire years. HOWEVER, Pam is even younger than you and she has shown more responsibility than you have all season. She is running a business, taking care of her child (unlike you, may I add; cough, Jessica, cough), all while maintaining perfect tresses and fierce S&M style. Bill, you have had that boy-band haircut all season, and I have tried to give you the benefit of the doubt. But, your recent actions have made me speak up. You sold out your best bud for some ancient royal pussy! WTF is wrong with you? BROS OVER HOES, dude. #mancode. If I continue further, I will deliver you the true death myself.



Team TSD

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