Ok, so we have been introduced to the heavenly scented fairy, Claude, played by Giles Matthey (see photo above). We first saw him all nasty (see photo above, again) in season 4 in the fairy world version of The Walking Dead. Those baby blues couldn’t stay away from Sook for long, so we know trouble’s on its way. Claude has proved himself to be no sleuth seeing that he walked into a dress shop the size of my college dorm room with a freaking VAMP in the dressing room. Come on, Claude, fairies are like Victoria’s Secret Heavenly to vamps, everybody knows that scent. Get with it. I know you have been in some creepy badlands looking place but you’re not in Kansas anymore. You’re in Bon Temps where there are more Supes than the CW Network and HBO combined. LOCK THAT DOWN. What does this mean for True Blood? HOPEFULLY some badass fairy action. Sookie has proved herself to be the only legit fairy using her light power and stuff. The other fairies we have been introduced to either a) hide b) run or c) have sexual relations with the local authority (a-la Sheriff Bellefleur). Even Tinkerbell was a badass (Sookie, you should take Pam’s name-calling as a compliment). Tinkerbell hung out with dudes all day and fought pirates, all while wearing a fierce green sparkly tutu! There’s a reason we see college skanks dressing up like her every year for Halloween. She got game! Now, I’d like to see some light power fairy action and ALCIDE SHIRTLESS. Hot damn.



Team TSD

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